SERA Security Framework

Cross-platform security framework for secure applications

Quick and Easy Integration

SERA is a tried-and-tested security framework that meets top security standards. It can be integrated quickly and easily into practically any application. It uses a multifaceted encryption process for local data as well as for all data transfers, thus preventing any third party from accessing sensitive information.

SERA is available for iOS, Android, Linux, OS X and Windows.


SERA Advantages

  • Proven high-grade security for applications in sensitive fields
  • Shortens development cycles and saves money without having to compromise security
  • Integrates easily with your existing applications and systems
  • Features transparent APIs and detailed documentation
  • Based on more than 20 years of experience developing security solutions
Cross-platform security framework for secure applications

Save time and money without having to compromise security.

Time is always an issue for IT projects. Developers with specialized know-how in the area of security are expensive and difficult to find, and certifications and security audits are costly and time-consuming. In addition to checking the software, numerous documents must be compiled by specialists, adding to the overall cost. Due to lack of expenses and time, security often gets forgotten along the way.

SERA offers a security framework for all major platforms. Additionally, you will save money on development, security specialists and audits. With SERA, you can now develop reliable and secure applications quickly.

SERA Example 1: Secure communication with a backend system

Secure communication with backend systems


A mobile device app needs to transfer sensitive information to a backend system. It is highly critical that this data is not accessed by any third party.


SERA is integrated into the app and the backend system is configured accordingly. When a network connection is established, the correct APIs are applied.


SERA authenticates both the app and the backend server, thus guaranteeing a secure end-to-end connection. All data is transferred in an encrypted format that meets the latest encryption technology standards.


Your data is guaranteed to be secure and not compromised by any third party – at any time. It’s protected while being read, written, transferred and received.

SERA Example 2:

Protection of local data

Protection of Local Data


You are responsible for the efficient protection of local data stored in an app on a mobile device from third-party access and other apps.


SERA is integrated into the app and the related APls are applied when reading and writing.


SERA handles the entire key management system, including the application cases. All the is stored securely, using state-of-the-art encryption methods.


Your data is secure – and you can prove its security thanks to SERA’s documentation.