Truly Secure Mobile Communications!

Container technology is the future of secure mobile communications on smartphones and tablets.

Intuitive Security and Easy Management

Your staff will want to access work tools from their mobile devices. The use of mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are on the rise — both in companies and the public sector.

But how can you ensure that access to corporate data and applications from smartphones and tablets is simple yet secure?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM) are not the solutions of the future. Managing apps or terminal devices alone does not provide reliable security.

Secure Mobile Work

Our Solution for the Future

The future belongs to our SecurePIM Container app. Corporate applications and data are located in a separate area (the Container) on a smartphone or tablet. Sensitive data sent from or received by the device is efficiently monitored and cannot be manipulated. No further security measures are needed.

Access to email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, documents and secure browser

Container Advantages

  • Easy configuration and deployment, regardless of the infrastructure
  • Support for both BYOD and COPE arrangements
  • Easier access to corporate data from smartphones and tablets
  • Data is encrypted when sent, received or stored on the device
  • Strict separation of corporate and personal data
  • Full control of corporate information without infringing upon employees’ personal data