Easy and secure mobile working for corporate employees!
Mail Composer and central workspace in SecurePIM for secure mobile work

The App for Secure Mobile Corporate Work

SecurePIM enables your employees to access business-critical emails, calendars, documents, and more using smartphones and tablets. All the company’s data is highly encrypted and placed in the secure Container. With SecurePIM, you can grant your employees secure access to your company’s sensitive data in a simple and reliable fashion while protecting their privacy.


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SecurePIM Advantages

  • Easy configuration and management via the SecurePIM Management Portal
  • Support for both Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) arrangements
  • Access to emails, contacts, and documents, as well as intranet pages by means of a secure browser and secure camera for iOS and Android
  • Data is encrypted when sent from, received by or stored on the device
  • Secure and monitored access to corporate data
  • Simple alternative to Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions
iPhone Login Screen with Modules of SecurePIM
SecurePIM fulfills the requirements of the GDPR for mobile work

Tested and GDPR Compliant

Container technology keeps your corporate data protected on any device. With SecurePIM, you will be in line with the important principles underlying the EU General Data Protection Regulation. SecurePIM has received approval from Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for its security solution, SecurePIM Government SDS (“Secure Data Synchronization Service”). With this, classified data identified as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – VS-NfD” can be processed and transferred with SecurePIM Government SDS.

Easy to Use and to Manage

With the SecurePIM Management Portal administrators can easily manage the solution and enforce security measures. Deployment of SecurePIM is also easy. Due to the native experience the user is instantly familiar with the app and does not need further training.

Click through the interactive demo to see the SecurePIM app’s functionality

For the best experience with our demo, please use the Chrome or Firefox browser. Ideally test on your desktop.

SecurePIM for iOS

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SecurePIM for Android

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Separation of private and business data

Container Technology – The Way to Go

The future belongs to the Container technology. Corporate applications and data are located in a separate area (the Container) on a smartphone or tablet. Sensitive data sent from or received by the device is efficiently monitored and cannot be manipulated. No further security measures are needed.

SecurePIM Messenger

Everything for secure instant messaging. And WhatsApp stays private again, finally…

With the messenger module in SecurePIM your employees can finally communicate securely and in compliance with GDPR. Instantly send images, locations and voice messages in group chats or one-to-one. Thanks to the full integration into the SecurePIM Container, information stays where it should be – in your hands. And WhatsApp stays private. Messenger for SecurePIM is an optional feature at additional cost and is only available for Android.

Smartcard Integration

For optimum security, all asymmetric encryptions are performed on a smartcard belonging to the company or on one provided by SecurePIM. The private key never leaves the card.

SecurePIM Government supports ISO-7816-certified cards, e. g. Atos CardOS (4.2C, 4.3B, 4.4, 5.0, 5.3), TeleSec 3 TCOS® IDKey, TCOS 3 SignatureCard 2.0, StarCOS 3.2, Sm@rtCafe Expert 3.2/6.0, and SmartCardHSM. Connecting to other card types is also possible upon request.

A wide range of smartcard readers is supported and in-house middleware can also be integrated into the system on demand.

The SecurePIM Product Range

SecurePIM Enterprise

SecurePIM enables your employees to access business-critical emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, documents, intranet and internet sites easily and securely using their iOS and Android™ smartphones or tablets. Its intuitive user interface and automated security eliminate the need for training and employees can begin using SecurePIM immediately.

Secure Connection via SecurePIM Gatway and Management via SecurePIM Management Portal

SecurePIM Office is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. As a simple alternative to Mobile Device Management solutions, SecurePIM is a lean solution for mobile work in small and medium-sized businesses.  Access rights and configurations are managed through the SecurePIM gateway in an uncomplicated and simple manner. As a result, SecurePIM can be used without MDM. The SecurePIM Office solution consists of three components:

  • SecurePIM App
  • SecurePIM Management Portal
  • SecurePIM Gateway

SecurePIM Government

SecurePIM Government enables public sector employees to work using mobile devices while securely protecting sensitive data. It enables employees of federal and state agencies, local municipalities and public safety departments to securely transfer or edit sensitive data using mobile communications devices.

BSI Approved

Our BSI-approved iOS solution, SecurePIM Government SDS, enables public sector employees to work securely using iPhones and iPads. Data is synchronized with in-house network servers. SecurePIM can also be used with a smartcard, making it the only truly secure way to access restricted data with mobile devices.

Encrypted Voice Calls

As an optional feature SecurePIM Government SDS also offers end-to-end encryption for voice calls. Calls are transmitted reliably and in a high voice quality The highest level of security is provided. All this while being easy and comfortable to use. The SecureVoice functionality integrates seamlessly with the other modules of the SecurePIM App. Please note that SecureVoice is only available for German authorities.

SecurePIM Government SDS

SecurePIM Government SDS is the only security solution approved for Apple® devices (iPhone® or iPad®) by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

SecurePIM Government

SecurePIM enables government employees to easily and securely access critical data using an iOS or Android™ smartphone or tablet and offers smartcard support.

SecurePIM Government Cloud

Offering extra flexiblity this SecurePIM version includes the SecurePIM Management Portal in the Cloud.

All functionalities in one application with SecurePIM

SecurePIM App Functions

  • Email
  • Messenger
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Browser
  • Camera
  • Voice


Security Made Simple