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Security Made Simple

This is SecurePIM!

Mobile data security with Virtual Solution

If you’re looking for a simple and secure solution for your employees’ mobile communications, Virtual Solution has the answer! We enable employees to work anytime, from anywhere — with or without a mobile device management system — while meeting top security standards approved by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).


We make secure mobile work easy

The ever-increasing use of mobile devices in today’s working world produces growing stresses and challenges for IT administrators and compliance officers. Real concerns over the appropriate encryption of data, management of devices and compliance regulations regularly leave IT departments reeling and struggling to keep up.

While numerous solutions are on the market, nearly all require major organizational changes and financial investments, making them too complex and/or too expensive for many organizations to implement.

This is where Virtual Solution can help. Our solution addresses the needs and desires of all parties
(i.e., users, administrators and regulators). And you can be GDPR-compliant in minutes!

Phone with SecurePIM Container separating private and business data

Reliable Security

All company data is stored on the smartphone or tablet in a separate, secure Container app.
Easy to use security

Intuitive Use

SecurePIM’s intuitive approach makes it easy to use. Complex encryption processes are automatically performed in the background without impacting use.
SecurePIM is easily employed and managed

Easy Implementation

SecurePIM is easily deployed and managed by your IT department and can be quickly installed by your users.

What mobile data security solutions do we offer?

Virtual Solution offers two products to protect data while on the move: The mobile Container app solution, SecurePIM, and the security framework, SERA, for the development of applications.

Both solutions can be integrated effortlessly into existing systems without compromising security.


SecurePIM – the Container solution for mobile data security

SecurePIM Container App with all functionalities for mobile work

SecurePIM provides a user-friendly solution that can be applied in both COPE and BYOD settings. It includes everything you need to work securely while on the road. No additional products are needed!

Personnel can securely access emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, documents, a browser and a camera with the Container app.

SecurePIM advantages:

  • Easy access to all company data from the mobile device
  • Strict separation of business and personal data via Container technology
  • Simple configuration and rollout for administrators
  • Effective on both company-owned and personal devices
  • Encrypted data transmission and storage ensures secure communications
SecurePIM App for iOS and Android

Click through the interactive demo to see the SecurePIM app’s functionality

SecurePIM for iOS

SecurePIM for Android

SERA – the secure framework for the development of your app

With SERA, we offer a tried-and-tested security framework that can be integrated quickly and easily into practically any environment. Local data and data transmitted via SERA can be encrypted, protecting it from unauthorized third-party access.

SERA can be used on all major IT platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Additionally, its “out of the box” features enable it to be immediately applied to sensitive data. This helps with development work and saves you both time and money.

Security Made Simple

This is SecurePIM!