Secure Solution for Mobile Communication

Made in Germany!
At Virtual Solution, we make mobile communication safe and easy for government and business. Headquartered in Munich with an office in Berlin, about 80 employees work daily to make mobile productivity on iOS and Android™ devices user-friendly and secure.

Virtual Solution’s primary goal is to unify security and usability for today’s mobile working world with its SecurePIM app and the SERA framework. Since 1996, we’ve been developing security solutions that support the needs of an increasingly digital and mobile society.


Approval by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Virtual Solution’s SecurePIM Government SDS (Secure Data Synchronization Service) has been approved by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This approval enables classified data identified as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – VS-NfD” to be processed and transferred with SecurePIM Government SDS. SecurePIM is the only BSI-approved solution for Apple® iOS mobile devices.

Teletrust Seal IT Security Made in Germany

Security “Made in Germany”

Locally developed, globally active – all security-related Virtual Solution components and respective backend systems are developed exclusively in Germany and proudly bear the trust seal “IT Security made in Germany” issued by Germany’s IT Security Association (TeleTrust-IT-Bundesverbandes IT-Sicherheit). Servers are located in German data centers and adhere to rigorous German privacy policies.

SecurePIM complies with AppConfig Standards

AppConfig Community

Virtual Solution is part of the AppConfig Community and the application SecurePIM complies with AppConfig Standards. The AppConfig Community is a collection of industry leading EMM solution providers and app developers, whose mission is to streamline adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise applications by providing a standard approach to app configuration and management, making it simpler for developers to implement a consistent set of controls so that enterprise IT administrators can easily configure and manage apps according to their business policies and requirements.

Cloud Services Made in Germany

Cloud Services Made in Germany

Cloud Services Made in Germany is an initiative for more legal security and transparency in Cloud Computing. All members have to be headquartered in Germany and offer support in German language. Contracts have to be drafted according to German law and the place of jurisdiction for all legal matters has to be Germany. Virtual Solution not only fulfills these criteria but aims to exceed them. All security-related components and respective backend systems are developed exclusively in Germany. Servers are located in German data centers and adhere to rigorous German privacy policies.


Günter Junk

Günter Junk


Günter Junk has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Virtual Solution AG since October 2016. He launched his career in the technology branch with the American company Hewlett-Packard immediately after having graduated in Communications Engineering from the University of Cologne in Germany. Following this step, Günter Junk played a significant role in the growth of Cisco Systems as Executive Director in Germany, and later on as the Vice President for Operations in the EMEA region.

Günter Junk gained extensive experience in the security industry when working for Astaro, a networks specialist, and for Sophos, a UK company, including in his latest position as the General Manager of the Sophos Security Group.

Virtual Solution offers an outstanding portfolio of security solutions on a fast-growing market. The company has made an important contribution to the development of secure infrastructures for mobile terminal devices in the context of the German Federal Government’s cybersecurity strategy. Our customer focus, flexibility and security “made in Germany” have already convinced numerous companies and official bodies. My goal is to continue driving our company’s leadership position in the field of secure mobile communications forward.

Clemens Hermann

Clemens Hermann

Vice President Engineering

Clemens Hermann has been managing the Technology and Product Development Department at Virtual Solution since August 2017.

After acquiring his degree in IT, he developed security-critical embedded software, after which he worked for Texas Instruments on the development of ultra-low power microcontrollers. Then he worked for GE Healthcare in the Engineering Department, and was responsible for the development of two globally successful software products, before moving on to Kontron AG as the Manager of its Design Center in Augsburg, Germany.

Christian Mueller

Christian Mueller


Christian Mueller has more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. His responsibilities include attracting new business and partners for Virtual Solution and continuing to promote awareness of SecurePIM’s mobile office solutions. Prior to joining Virtual Solution, Mr. Mueller worked for other cybersecurity firms, including Symantec™ Corporation and Kaspersky™ Internet Security.

Sascha Wellershoff

Sascha Wellershoff


Sascha Wellershoff is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Virtual Solution. He supports our CEO in organizational development efforts and continues to secure Virtual Solution’s position as a technology leader through market expansion.

Mr. Wellershoff has extensive finance experience serving in various leadership roles at globally operating businesses. Previously, he was Group CFO at Retarus, an information logistics company, and steered its growth in North America. Before that, Mr. Wellershoff held several leadership positions at the Allianz Group. He was then Commercial Director of Finance for Telefonica Germany’s wholesale business, where he coordinated several acquisitions and carve-out projects.