Secure Solution for Mobile Communication

Made in Germany!

Virtual Solution is a software vendor specialized in mobile applications, headquartered in Munich and with a development location in Berlin. We develop and market the apps SecurePIM, SecureCOM and the security framework SERA for iOS and Android.

SecurePIM makes encrypted and usable mobile work possible. For government we enable communication on smartphones and tablets with information classified as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – VS-NfD”. For enterprise SecurePIM fulfills the provisions set forth in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for mobile devices and therefore prevents GDPR violations and loss of company data.

Virtual Solution was founded in 1996 and has around 90 employees. All products by Virtual Solution bear the trust seal “IT Security made in Germany” issued by Germany’s IT Security Association (TeleTrust-IT-Bundesverbandes IT-Sicherheit).


vom BSI für VS-Nfd zugelassen

Approval by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Virtual Solution’s SecurePIM Government SDS (Secure Data Synchronization Service) has been approved by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This approval enables classified data identified as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – VS-NfD” to be processed and transferred with SecurePIM Government SDS. SecurePIM is the only BSI-approved solution for Apple® iOS mobile devices.

Teletrust Seal IT Security Made in Germany

Security “Made in Germany”

Locally developed, globally active – all security-related Virtual Solution components and respective backend systems are developed exclusively in Germany and proudly bear the trust seal “IT Security made in Germany” issued by Germany’s IT Security Association (TeleTrust-IT-Bundesverbandes IT-Sicherheit). Servers are located in German data centers and adhere to rigorous German privacy policies.

SecurePIM complies with AppConfig Standards

AppConfig Community

Virtual Solution is part of the AppConfig Community and the application SecurePIM complies with AppConfig Standards. The AppConfig Community is a collection of industry leading EMM solution providers and app developers, whose mission is to streamline adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise applications by providing a standard approach to app configuration and management, making it simpler for developers to implement a consistent set of controls so that enterprise IT administrators can easily configure and manage apps according to their business policies and requirements.

Cloud Services Made in Germany

Cloud Services Made in Germany

Cloud Services Made in Germany is an initiative for more legal security and transparency in Cloud Computing. All members have to be headquartered in Germany and offer support in German language. Contracts have to be drafted according to German law and the place of jurisdiction for all legal matters has to be Germany. Virtual Solution not only fulfills these criteria but aims to exceed them. All security-related components and respective backend systems are developed exclusively in Germany. Servers are located in German data centers and adhere to rigorous German privacy policies.


Sascha Wellershoff

Sascha Wellershoff


Sascha Wellershoff is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Virtual Solution. He is responsible for organizational development efforts and continues to secure Virtual Solution’s position as a technology leader through market expansion.

Mr. Wellershoff has extensive experience serving in various leadership roles at globally operating businesses. Previously, he was Group CFO at Retarus, an information logistics company, and steered its growth in North America. Before that, Mr. Wellershoff held several leadership positions at the Allianz Group. He was then Commercial Director of Finance for Telefonica Germany’s wholesale business, where he coordinated several acquisitions and carve-out projects.

Stephan Brauckmann

Stephan Brauckmann

Vice President Sales

Stephan Brauckmann is responsible for the Customer Relations department at Virtual Solution, which focuses customers, partners, and further growth. This department consist of the divisions Sales, Marketing, Consulting and Support. Before joining Virtual Solution, he was Vice President Sales at Germany’s leading Cloud Email-Security provider and has filled leading s positions at OpenText and other US technology companies. He lives close to Frankfurt am Main with his wife and two sons.

Hermann Granzer

Hermann Granzer

Vice President Engineering

 Managing the development of our products and the IT is in the hands of Hermann Granzer, Vice President Engineering at Virtual Solution. In his previous positions he was responsible for product development and other projects at IT service providers and consultancies. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in diverse industries (automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, multimedia, supply chain), as well as with different technologies (mobile, JavaEE, .NET, etc.).

Hanne Hecker

Hanne Hecker

Vice President Product Management

Since June 2020 Hanne Hecker is leading and growing the Product Managment department at Virtual Solution as Vice President Product Management. Previously she managed several product launches and gave strategic direction to product portfolios at Retarus and Brabbler AG. Her focus is to build a team that works agile and goal-oriented towards providing Virtual Solution’s customers with innovative solutions.

Christian Mueller

Christian Mueller


Christian Mueller has more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. His responsibilities include attracting new business and partners for Virtual Solution and continuing to promote awareness of SecurePIM’s mobile office solutions. Prior to joining Virtual Solution, Mr. Mueller worked for other cybersecurity firms, including Symantec™ Corporation and Kaspersky™ Internet Security.

Social Engagement

Initiative Krebskranke Kinder München e.V.

In 2019 we decided, instead of sending out Christmas presents to our partners and suppliers, to donate to the initiative for children with cancer in Munich (Initivative Krebskranke Kinder München e.V.). The initiative supports children with cancer and their relatives. Find more information here.