Munich, 12. October 2017 – SecurePIM has expanded the number of uses offered with its new document editing function. Users can now edit and save Office documents and PDF files in the app’s secure container. As a result, SecurePIM now provides a fully secure yet user-friendly “Office to Go”.

In its latest version, SecurePIM, the container solution for secure work and communications with terminal mobile devices, also offers users the possibility to edit and save documents. The Documents module has a user-friendly interface, as well as simple upload and download functions. All documents can be sent securely thanks to SecurePIM’s Email module.

The module permits the secure storage of documents downloaded from email attachments and supports the connection to Content Management Systems and file servers. Businesses can use their existing infrastructures and cloud services with the app.

SecurePIM supports a wide range of document types. For Microsoft Office, in addition to editing, processing and formatting functions are made available, such as track changes or the inclusion of comments in the text. For PDF files, users can insert bookmarks, make comments or highlight passages.

The Documents module in SecurePIM is now available for the iOS and Android platforms.

“With the Documents module, we are going well beyond the functions offered by a standard Personal Information Manager, i.e. emails, contacts and a calendar: it has now become a real “Office to Go,” explains Günter Junk, CEO of Virtual Solution AG in Munich. “We will continue making developments in this area. Our product is synonymous with secure and user-friendly work on mobile terminal devices.”