Munich, 7 September 2017 – With SecurePIM Office, Virtual Solution is now providing a lean solution for the secure and streamlined use of mobile terminal devices in companies. SecurePIM Office can be implemented on all mobile terminal devices very fast and only requires minimum administration. That is why this is the perfect solution for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). All company data is stored in an encrypted container on the terminal devices and thus protected from unauthorized third-party access.

The use of mobile terminal devices such as smartphones and tablet computers has now spread to small and medium-sized companies too. However, SMEs often do not know how to integrate such solutions in a secure manner and fear the associated costs or administrative effort.

With SecurePIM Office, you can now access a solution that you can operate on your mobile terminal devices under iOS and Android – in a secure, simple and fast manner! The so-called “container” technology ensures that mobile work in companies is now shielded from unauthorized third-party access, without much effort required on the part of the company’s IT department and without user limitations in terms of their work productivity or ease of use. The solution consists of three components:

  • SecurePIM App: Workers can access all important company data via the app while out of the office. Emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, documents and even photos are stored and protected on the terminal device in a secure container that is very easy to use. Corporate data is completely segregated from personal data on the device. The container and all communications are always encrypted. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, SecurePIM Office users feel immediately at home with the app and do not require any specific training.
  • Management Portal: The SecurePIM Management Portal allows administrators to define all security rules (e.g. password entry rules) with minimal effort. The app roll-out is easy and it is quick to implement because employees can just download the app from the Store and register. It is not necessary to install an MDM profile, so the companies they work for do not have access to their personal data or photos. In the Management Portal, administrators can select who may access company data on a mobile terminal device.
  • Gateway: The SecurePIM Gateway is a new component which permits the simple and secure integration of mobile terminal devices in any given company’s IT infrastructure. The Gateway offers secure access to the intranet or internal filesharing options. A VPN connection is not necessary anymore.

SecurePIM Office can be applied across the board in terms of user concepts: it can be used on company-owned terminal devices and on personal devices in the form of a Bring Your Own Device model.

“With SecurePIM Office, we now offer a solution that will revolutionize mobile work”, explains Günter Junk, CEO of Virtual Solution AG in Munich. “For the first time, we are able to offer companies who are not able to apply a traditional MDM software solution the possibility of working securely with smartphones and tablet computers. The solution is easy to use and can be adapted to different company processes and infrastructures. Our container technology provides the highest level of security available, and its user-friendliness means that security will never be a burden. SecurePIM Office Office to Go”!”