SecurePIM Office for IBM Domino

The mobile security solution that never falls down on the job

Easy-to-Use Solution for Employees on the Go

The SecurePIM App for iOS and Android™ gives your employees mobile, easy and fully secure access to business-critical data — anytime, from anywhere!

Exclusive Full IBM Domino and S/MIME Encryption

Due to our close partnership with IBM, SecurePIM is the only app that fully supports IBM® Domino® and S/MIME encryption without the need for middleware or an additional companion app.

With more than 20 years of technology and security experience, Virtual Solution is also your reliable partner in long-term development and support of IBM Domino.

The userfriendly solution for working mobile with IBM Domino

SecurePIM Office Capabilities

SecurePIM Office enables your employees to access business-critical emails, calendars, documents, and more using iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. All the company’s data is highly encrypted and housed in the secure container.

With SecurePIM Office, you can grant your employees access to your company’s sensitive data simply and reliably without infringing upon their private data.

Security Made Simple

This is SecurePIM!

SecurePIM Office Advantages

  • Easy configuration and management via the SecurePIM Management Portal
  • Full control of corporate information without infringing upon the employee’s personal data
  • Full S/MIME and IBM Domino encryption and decryption
  • Access to emails, contacts, and documents as well as intranet pages by means of a secure browser and secure camera for iOS and Android
  • Management of up to three email accounts
  • Push notifications
iPhone Login Screen with Modules of SecurePIM

SecurePIM App Functions

(iOS and Android)

All functionalities in one application with SecurePIM
  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Documents
  • Browser
  • Camera