Munich, 20 June 2017 – Virtual Solution AG has received approval from Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for its security app, SecurePIM Government SDS (“Secure Data Synchronization Service”). With this, classified data identified as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – VS-NfD” can be processed and transferred with SecurePIM Government SDS.

In September 2015, the BSI had already issued a preliminary approval for Virtual Solution’s SecurePIM Government SDS, which is known and simply described as “SecurePIM” below. The evaluation process has been carried out and now, Version 7.x has been fully approved. This security solution can therefore be used for the transmission and processing of national classified data, up to the “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – VS-NfD” level. SecurePIM is the only BSI-approved solution for Apple iOS mobile devices. The final approval was issued on 28 May 2017 and is valid until 31 May 2020.

Applications on mobile terminal devices are common targets for a wide range of threats. Malicious software can infiltrate those applications and diminish the effectiveness of security functions. The SecurePIM solution is part of the “Secure Data Synchronization” system package. The underlying Apple iOS operating system has been classed as sufficiently secure by the BSI. As a result of a great deal of work, SecurePIM has also been secured against typical attacks.

In addition to top security standards, the SecurePIM app offers “Personal Information Manager” functions, such as emailing, a calendar and contacts register, all integrated in a secure web browser. It also offers a secure camera function and a secure document management system. All business functions are located in a single, user-friendly app – which is top secure! Personal and professional data can be fully separated thanks to a secure container technology. The SecurePIM solution offers a flexible, dynamic and secure solution that can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures. Moreover, the BSI and Virtual Solution are planning the expansion of the SecurePIM container with the following functions: secure messaging, secure phone calls and the editing of Office documents on the iOS devices themselves.

“As the national cybersecurity authority, it is our duty to provide secure mobile communications to the Federal Administration,” says Arne Schönbohm, President of the BSI in Berlin. “We pass on our findings to the federal states and communes, as well as to operators of critical infrastructures. The approval of SecurePIM is an important step to increase IT security when using iOS devices in those areas. The trustworthiness of central security solutions from German providers is a distinguishing feature that allows us to remain at the top of our game in the field of cybersecurity technology.”

“The approval of our product by the BSI is an impressive confirmation of the fact that we are on the right track with our security concept,” explains Günter Junk, CEO of Virtual Solution. “The requirements for such a stamp of approval are very demanding and not many candidates are able to fulfil them. We are particularly proud that our solution has now been officially recognized and that the authorities will be able to work securely while out of the office.”