Munich, 8 March 2017 – Virtual Solution, a leading provider of applications for secure mobile communications is lifting the curtain on the new version of SecurePIM, an app designed for iOS and Android that encrypts communications between IBM DominoTM and mobile devices. A secure container protects all corporate data while on the move.

The new version (7.26) of Virtual Solution’s mobile app, SecurePIM, permits encrypted communications with IBM DominoTM’s messaging und collaboration server. To achieve this aim, the company collaborated closely with IBM to integrate the S/MIME and internal IBM Domino encryption in the app.

 SecurePIM creates a secure container on the terminal device, shielding all the company’s data from unauthorized access. No other app on the device can access the data located in the container. A strict and secure segregation of corporate and personal data is guaranteed at all times, even if personal smartphones and tablet computers are used within the framework of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) systems.

 Six modules are available to the user within the container: Email, Contacts, Calendar, Documents, Secure Browser and Secure Camera. The Email module can manage up to three email addresses and supports the push notification function. There is a setting permitting the user to display messages and notifications directly on the device screen without having to open the app. Workers can stay up-to-date all the time and react fast to incoming information.

 The Secure Camera accesses the smartphone’s or tablet computer’s internal camera via a secure and separate communication channel. This means that all photos taken within SecurePIM are automatically and exclusively saved in the secure container, providing guaranteed protection from unauthorized access.

 SecurePIM should definitely be integrated into all existing IT infrastructures. The user can download the app from the App Store and register with his/her user data. The configuration of the app is performed via an existing MDM (Mobile Device Management) system or with the included MAM (Mobile Application Management) portal (which does not require an MDM). The administrator is in charge of defining security guidelines (e.g. password strength). In order to ensure no sensitive data is stored in the device’s RAM, he/she can even deactivate the copy-paste, auto-fill or autocorrect functions.

 SecurePIM is available for iOS from version 8.0 and Android from Version 4.2.