Munich, 5 April 2017 – SecurePIM, the container-based security solution for mobile devices, has launched a new version for iOS and Android systems. What is new? Fresh functionalities, improved usability and more supported languages.

The security specialist Virtual Solution has presented the latest release of SecurePIM. The solution permits secure mobile work by means of an encrypted container for smartphones and tablet computers. The latest version has an extended range of capabilities and an improved user interface. For instance, an audio player has been integrated into the email client. Users can now listen to office voicemails that have been forwarded to their email, for example. The Android mail client has a new look and is even easier to use than before.

Moreover, SecurePIM now supports Russian. All the following languages are available: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, simplified Chinese and Russian.

The new version offers these features:

For iOS (version 7.29)

  • Extensive calendar options with time zone choices: SecurePIM supports the entry of appointments with users in different time zones.
  • Apple Wallet is now supported: Items such as vouchers, boarding passes and other virtual data can be saved so that users can use their iPhones to check in for flights, for example.

For Android (version 3.19)

  • Document integration has been significantly improved. Users can now easily view Microsoft Office documents and PDF files in the app. This allows users to store work processes securely in the app.
  • The Android mail client has been modernised and given a new look. It is now more similar to the native mailer. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, users can navigate the app fast and easily.

The new versions of SecurePIM for iOS and Android will be available from April 7th 2017.