Munich, 5 June 2018 – Virtual Solution continually improves SecurePIM, expanding the options offered by the product, thus allowing users to deal with the demands of today’s working world more efficiently. The new Home module provides all important information for users’ daily tasks in one simple overview. SecurePIM is now also the first email client, which allows users to attach calendar entries immediately.

SecurePIM, the container app for secure work and communications with mobile devices, now offers additional functions for Android and iOS with its “Home” module. This helps users efficiently organize their daily work tasks. The Home module acts as a centralized platform for all important information, providing users with a clear overview, including the next upcoming appointment, unread emails, and future appointments. In one click only, users can immediately access the requested email or information concerning their appointments. In addition, the Home module for iOS contains three more functions: flagged emails, high-priority emails and open invitations.

Navigation between the different areas of the app has also been streamlined. Users can easily move from their workspace area to all other modules. The new navigation list allows them to skip between modules fast and easily. Tasks can be dealt with in a few clicks only. The updated clear and specific design of the app significantly improves users’ experience.

SecurePIM is the only mobile email client that allows users to directly attach files to their calendar entries. The app supports ActiveSync 16 on both Android and iOS, enabling users to enjoy the full range of functionalities of the new Exchange updates with SecurePIM.

The improved filter function in SecurePIM’s Mail module permits the marking of “High priority”, “Flagged”, “Unread”, “With attachment” and “Open invitations” categories. Moreover, several options can be selected and combined, e.g. “Flagged” and “High priority” tags, for instance.

Virtual Solution continually strives to improve the usability of SecurePIM. Users can process an increased number of tasks with the app, which is truly becoming an authentic “Office to Go”.

The updated version of SecurePIM for iOS and Android are already available for download.