Munich, April 23rd 2018 – We are constantly working on improving SecurePIM, to develop an app that both users and administrators enjoy using. In this release and the previous we have introduced a lot of new functionalities to improve your user experience, because we do not only want to enable secure mobile work, but we want to make it as easy and seamless as possible.

Attachments to Calendar Events

As one of the first mobile clients, SecurePIM supports adding attachments to calendar events directly from smartphones and tablets. We have been working on ActiveSync 16 support for both iOS and Android with a high priority, in order to ensure that SecurePIM can support the full functionality of the new Exchange update. Since the March 2018 release iOS and Android support viewing calendar attachments. With the new version (7.56.3) iOS now also supports attaching files and other attachments to events in the calendar directly in SecurePIM*.

The New Home Module

With the new Android and iOS version SecurePIM introduces a new module, which will make working with SecurePIM even easier: The new “Home” module helps you organize your day within SecurePIM. All important information is available at a glance, for example your next meeting, most recent unread emails, and upcoming events*. You can access emails and calendar events directly from the Home module with just one tap, and work on them immediately.

The new version of SecurePIM is available now in the Apple AppStore (version and Google Play (version 6.0.0).

*iOS only