Data Security For Smartphones: 5 Ways to Protect Your Company Data

When company data is stored on a smartphone or tablet, it needs special protection – because it’s at special risk. SecurePIM combines five measures in one streamlined solution. Find out more about data protection on business smartphones. Read more »

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Mobile Device Management or Container Apps? Make the Right Choice

We present two different approaches: MDM and container solutions. Comparisons show that container solutions are indispensable. Read more »

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Humans – The Weak Link in The Chain. How Social Engineering and BYOD Endanger Your Company

Smartphone users are their own worst enemy when it comes to mobile data. This article tells you all you need to know about social engineering, phishing and how you can better protect yourself and your employees. Read more »

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Hard Times for Enterprise Security: Mobile Risks Are on the Increase

Mobile devices generate new mobile risks at breakneck speed, and old threats reappear in innumerable new guises. We’ll be taking a look at banking trojans, fake apps and droppers. Read more »

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