The temperatures are slowly dropping again – but we are still hot for new features and improvements! The new versions of SecurePIM and the SecurePIM Management Portal are waiting for you in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Infohub. Why don’t you take a look right now?


SecurePIM Enterprise / Government  (8.90.x for iOS &

8.6.x for Android)

SecurePIM Presents: Public Folders (iOS)

You can now add public folders in the Team Mails module. Public folders provide access to information for large groups or even your entire organization. They’re ideal for collecting, organizing, and sharing information. And they make it easy to keep track of conversation histories or track group conversations. Before you can add public folders in SecurePIM, your administration team needs to enable this feature. In a public folder, you currently have read-only access to emails.


Edit Shared Mailboxes (Android)

The Team Mails module becomes even more useful: You can now edit only shared mailboxes you have access to. The respective person or the administration team only need to give you the respective permission for this.


Prepare for discontinuation of support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 (Android & iOS)

Support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 is expected to end in November 2023. As of November 2023, only TLS version 1.2 is supported and recommended. Please update your server to support TLS 1.2. in time. This affects only SecurePIM configurations that use TLS 1.0 or 1.1 with the Reduce TLS security setting enabled in the SecurePIM Management Portal. If you haven’t updated to TLS 1.2 after the November 2023 SecurePIM release, you won’t be able to connect to your mail server or to your TLS endpoint.

Technical Information

Please update SecurePIM and SecureCOM to the latest version on all your devices.

For iOS-Devices

We recommend using iOS/iPadOS versions 16.6.1. As of September 18, we recommend using iOS/iPadOS versions 17. Please note that we will discontinue support for older iOS versions 6 months after an official release of a new iOS version.


For Android-Devices

Do you have an Android device, but are not yet using Android version 13? Then it’s high time – take a look right now to see if you have already installed the update.


SecurePIM Management Portal (Version 2.49.x)

Calendar settings: Expiration date for licenses adjusted

When a specific day is specified as the expiration date of licenses, the respective licenses now expire at 23:59:59 of the specified day. The day specified as the expiration date of a license is thus the last day on which the license is valid.


Domain is automatically added to the Allowlist

When adding start page domains in the browser settings by administration teams, the respective domains are now automatically added to the Allowlist.

Please also refer to the notes on the system requirements for the SecurePIM Management Portal. A detailed table can be found in the release notes for version 2.49.x.


Download the new versions now

The new version of SecurePIM is now available in the Apple App Store (version 8.90.x) and in Google Play (version 8.6.x). Update now and benefit from the latest features.

Detailed release notes on the current versions of SecurePIM, SecureCOM and the SecurePIM Management Portal including system requirements can be found in the Infohub.

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