We have just released the new versions of SecurePIM, SecureCOM and the SecurePIM Management Portal. Visit the Apple App Store, Google Play and Infohub. The applications are now available for download.


SecurePIM Enterprise / Government (8.73.x for iOS & 8.2.x for Android)

Organize and delete your Team Mails (iOS & Android)

With the new version, the Team Mails got an upgrade: In shared mailboxes you can now edit single or multiple mails, move them to other folders or delete them.

SecurePIM is now (even) more beautiful (iOS)

SecurePIM shines in new colors: In this version, we’ve optimized the app’s color palette. Thanks to clearer contrasts between background and foreground colors, you can also see contents much better.


SecurePIM Messenger / SecureCOM (Version 7.5.x)

New option to choose between open or closed channels

Users can now choose between open and closed channels: In open channels, participation is now very simple via a participation link and, if necessary, a channel PIN. In a closed channel, participants must first be added – so only selected people can see shared content and can participate in meetings. Creating a channel is still easy: The app guides you through the steps.


Technical Information

Please update SecurePIM and SecureCOM to the latest version on all used devices.

For iOS-Devices

We recommend you to use the iOS/iPadOS version 16.3. Please note that we stop support older iOS versions 6 months after an official release of a new iOS version.

For Android-Devices

The new Android version 13 is available and includes some security-relevant adjustments. Take a look to see if you have already installed the update.


SecurePIM Management Portal (Version 2.43.x)

The SecurePIM Management Portal also has a few new features:

Enable and disable SecurePIM Messenger for groups (iOS)

Your organization can now individually enable or disable SecurePIM Messenger for groups via the SecurePIM Management Portal.

Download function for filtered smartcard certificates

You can now filter smartcard certificates before you download them. This allows you, for example, to download certificates only from a specific issuer.


Download the new versions now

The new version of SecurePIM is now available in the Apple App Store (version 8.73.x) and in Google Play (version 8.2.x). Update now and benefit from the latest features.

SecureCOM, the stand-alone messenger from Materna Virtual Solution, is also now available with the new versions (iOS version 7.5.x; Android version 7.5.x; Desktop version 7.5.x) in the Apple App Store, Google Play and as a download.

Detailed release notes on the current versions of SecurePIM, SecureCOM and the SecurePIM Management Portal including system requirements can be found in the Infohub.

Are you satisfied with our app? Let other users know and write a review in the Apple App Store or Google Play.