Spring is just around the corner, and with it, not only is nature blossoming, but the work of our development teams is also bringing a breath of fresh air back into SecurePIM and the SecurePIM Management Portal.

Download the latest versions of SecurePIM and the SecurePIM Management Portal from the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Infohub and take a look at what we have improved this time:


SecurePIM Enterprise / Government  (8.103.x for iOS &

8.9.x for Android)

Calendar: Create and Edit Appointments for Public Folder Calendars (iOS)

If you have the respective permissions, you can now create and edit appointments for public folder calendars.

You can also remove calendar events created in a public folder.


Calendar: Attachments in Public Folders and Shared Calendars (iOS)

You can now open, download and save attachments from calendar events in a shared calendar or a public folder calendar.

You can also create events with attachments in a shared calendar or public folder calendar. And when editing calendar entries, you can add or remove attachments from events in a shared calendar or a public folder calendar.


Calendar: UI Improvements (iOS)

The calendar module offers a number of UI changes, such as modernized buttons, easier navigation in portrait and landscape format, a clear display of meeting participants and an updated year and week view.


Team Mails: Swipe Options for Emails (Android)

In the Team Mails module, you can now swipe emails left/right to quickly access various options such as move, forward, reply, mark as read/unread and delete.


Mail: Individual Security Settings for S/MIME (Android)

You can now view your keys and certificates based on your selected account. 


Technical Information

Please update SecurePIM and SecureCOM to the latest version on all your devices.


End of Support for iOS & iPadOS 16

With this release, SecurePIM no longer supports iOS and iPad OS 16.

It is therefore essential that you update to iOS and iPadOS 17. Please install the update as soon as possible.


For iOS-Devices

With iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, some critical security vulnerabilities have been closed. We therefore strongly recommend that you use iOS/iPadOS versions 17.4.1. Please note that we will discontinue support for older iOS versions 6 months after an official release of a new iOS version and that iOS and iPadOS 16 will no longer be supported from this Release onwards.


For Android-Devices

If you are using an Android device, we recommend that you use Android 14. Please update your device if you have not already done so.


SecurePIM Management Portal (Version 2.52.x)

Configuration TLS 1.3

To be able to use TLS version 1.3, you can now configure additional cipher suites. You have the option of activating and deactivating cipher suites for (TLS 1.2 or) TLS 1.3 via the SecurePIM Management Portal. With this release, two lists for cipher suites are available, one for TLS 1.2 and one for TLS 1.3. You can enable or disable an entire list as well as individual cipher suites. It is also possible to enable both lists or individual cipher suites from both lists in parallel.

Please also note the information on the system requirements for the SecurePIM Management Portal. A detailed table can be found in the release notes for version 2.52.x.



Download the new versions now

The new version of SecurePIM is now available in the Apple App Store (version 8.103.x) and in Google Play (version 8.9.x). Update now and benefit from the latest features.

Detailed release notes on the current versions of SecurePIM, SecureCOM and the SecurePIM Management Portal including system requirements can be found in the Infohub.

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