Spring is in the air: Although Materna Virtual Solution doesn’t bring flowers to bloom, we do have the latest versions of SecurePIM and the SecurePIM Management Portal for you. Take a look at the Apple App Store, Google Play and Infohub.

SecurePIM Enterprise / Government (8.82.x für iOS &

8.4.x für Android)

Write, manage, and delete emails with Team Mail (iOS + Android)

The May release is all about team mails and comes with a whole new set of features for shared mailboxes. You can now create new emails, reply to emails, and forward them to your colleagues in the Team Mails module. You can also edit drafts and respond to meetings.

Distribute Customized Access Rights for Subfolders (iOS)

If you want to distribute access rights for one of your team members, you can now do this for selected subfolders in Outlook only – without your colleagues being able to see your entire inbox. You can select the specific permissions in the Outlook settings.

Technical Information

Please update SecurePIM to the latest version on all devices used.

For iOS devices

We recommend that you use iOS/iPadOS versions 16.4. Please note that we will discontinue support for older iOS versions 6 months after an official release of a new iOS version.

For Android devices

You have an Android device, but you are not using Android version 13 yet? Then it’s high time – Check right now if you have already installed the update.

SecurePIM Management Portal (Version 2.47.x)

The SecurePIM Management Portal also has a few new features:

Notification Banner for Unstable CLM Connection

If the connection to the CLM is not working, some functionality in the SecurePIM Management Portal may be unavailable – however, operation is still possible. To help administration teams adjust to the limited functionality, a hint banner now appears on the dashboard when the CLM connection is unstable or not working. Once the connection is stable, the notice disappears.

Better visibility into expired enterprise licenses

We have made the overview of the status of the company licenses more convenient. This allows you to see the status of all enterprise licenses, even if your SecurePIM Management Portal configuration contains more than one company: In the company drop-down menu on the SecurePIM Management Portal starting page, a new icon will appear next to each company to indicate the status of the respective license. The icon comes in three different colors: A green icon is displayed when the company license is active, a yellow icon indicates that the company license is about to expire and a red icon  indicates that the company license has expired.

Please also note the information about the system requirements for the SecurePIM Management Portal. A detailed table can be found in the release notes for version 2.47.x.

Download the new versions now

The new version of SecurePIM is now available in Apple App Store (version 8.82.x) and Google Play (version 8.4.x). Upgrade now and benefit from the latest features.

Detailed release notes on the current versions of SecurePIM and SecureCOM as well as the SecurePIM Management Portal including system requirements can be found in the Infohub.

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