Sophos MDM and SecurePIM Container

The perfect combination for secure ultra-mobile working

Ihr Sophos MDM and SecurePIM Container

The perfect combination for secure ultra-mobile working

Sophos Secure Email and Sophos Secure Workspace End-Of-Life

Sophos has discontinued the secure container apps „Sophos Secure Email“ and „Sophos Secure Workspace“ until the end of 2023. This means that emails, contacts, documents, etc. can no longer be stored in the secure container in the future. Many Sophos MDM customers are now wondering how they can continue to reliably protect corporate data.


The solution: SecurePIM secure container – compatible with your Sophos MDM

SecurePIM is the ultimate solution for secure ultra-mobile working and securely bundles all important office functions such as mail, calendar, contacts, document editor, browser, messenger and much more in one app. With our flexible container technology, which works independently of platform and device, you can effectively separate professional data from private data and protect it from threats. Your employees can seamlessly access corporate resources without compromising security. Compatibility with your Sophos MDM makes SecurePIM the perfect complement to your mobile security strategy.

Did you know that Sophos Secure Email was a whitelabel solution of SecurePIM? So with SecurePIM, you can use the previous features of Sophos Secure Email, plus even the features of Sophos Secure Workspace (documents + browser) in just one app.

Our exclusive offer for Sophos customers – Request now

To make the switch particularly attractive for you, we offer the following exclusive conditions.


Test 30 days free of charge and without obligation

Test SecurePIM 30 days free of charge and convince yourself of the performance of our container solution.

Use SecurePIM 6 months free of charge*.

Switch to SecurePIM now and use our container solution for 6 months free of charge.


*The promotion is valid until the end of 2023

Your benefits with SecurePIM

Alles sicher in einer App
Spart Kosten
Für iOS und Android

All safe and sound in a single app
Email, messenger, phone calls and more on smartphones and tablets

Saves hardware costs and increases employee satisfaction levels
Enables employees to use their own mobile devices for work purposes (BYOD)

Less hassle, lower costs, more flexibility
Cross-platform solution available for iOS and Android

Out-of-the-box DSGVO-konform
Umfassender Geheimnisschutz
Hohe Benutzerfreundlichkeit

Out-of-the-box GDPR compliant
Protects the personal data of citizens, customers or employees, and eliminates the risk of high fines resulting from GDPR violations

Comprehensive protection for classified data
Work remotely with data up to VS-NfD and NATO RESTRICTED and meet the requirements for various certifications, e.g. for compliance with TISAX®, the Protection of Classified Information Act and more

Very user-friendly
Companies can get started quickly, with minimum input required for training employees and admins, and with minimum administrative effort

SecurePIM app features

SecurePIM Email


SecurePIM Messenger


SecurePIM encrypted calls

Encrypted calls

SecurePIM contacts


SecurePIM calendar


SecurePIM documents


SecurePIM also includes Team Mails, Tasks, Notes, Browser and Camera.

Contact us now

Do you have any questions about SecurePIM or SecureCOM? Or would you like to test SecurePIM in a live environment? We’ll contact you as soon as possible by telephone or email.

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